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You should also stop best baby toys sterilizing baby bottles and accessories if you notice any damage. Glass bottles with chips or cracks should be tossed out, as well as plastic bottles with strong odours or any warping. Bottle nipples that have sustained noticeable wear and tear should always be replaced, since they can be a choking hazard.

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  • It’s multi-functional as it can sterilize, dry and deodorize your baby bottles and other accessories.
  • The length of the cycle would decide how instantly your sterilizer can clean the bottles and other things.
  • The sterilizer works with standard and wide-mouthed bottles.
  • After 5 minutes, the bottle will be warm enough for your little one to drink.
  • We love that you can place nipples in the top rack with rings and lids already on for quick assembly once they’ve been sterilized.
  • This bottle steam Sterilizer comes highly recommended for its design and the technology that it comes with.

This baby bottle sterilizer and dryer can be adjusted not to take much space in your kitchen. This baby brezza bottle sterilizer takes less than 10 minutes to sterilize the bottles. You don’t have to waste more time than you need, and your baby’s bottles will be ready to use as fast as you need them. This electric baby bottle sterilizer is a sterilizer, drier, and milk warmer. You can use it to take care of everything when it comes to preparing your baby’s milk and maintaining it at the best temperature.

Grownsy Uv Sterilizer For Baby Bottles:

Bacteria can multiply on your hands as well, and even a few of them can be harmful to your baby. We all know it is impossible to have an environment fully free of any pathogenic life. But you can play a vital role in maintaining his health, by keeping his feeding gear thoroughly sanitized. Another great microwave sterilizer is this one by Dr. Brown.

Sourcing Guide For Baby Bottle Sterilizer:

The Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer is designed to be really affordable. Using it is simple and you need to place it in the microwave. The cycle takes around 2 minutes to complete and will keep your bottle sterilized for up to 24 hours as well. The Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer is quite large and has the capacity of holding 6 bottles at a time. The process is swift and you only need to wait around 6 minutes for one cycle to complete. The sterilizer will shut off automatically and will keep all of the bottles sterilized for around 24-hours.

Nuby Electric Sterilizer And Dryer

The price is an edge on this Munchkin device because it is not only cheap in price but also the best cheap options you have. However, the safety latch feature is the utmost important feature for putting it in a microwave. While we see that the new functions are beneficial, the comprehensive design consists of many great flaws that do not make a deal for the customers. The highly-priced Dr. Brown electric steamer does bring in new features but the ones that are not of good quality. The hinge is given for your convenience so that you do not have to find any counterpart while you are processing your sterilizer. This not only saves your time but your space and energy as well.

How To Ensure The Longer Life Of The Sterilizer? Maintenance Of The Sterilizer

This portable machine by the EIVOTOR gives you the benefit of both sterilizer and bottle warmer. It is easy to use, made from food grade PP safety material, and is fast functioning. In a cycle of 8 minutes it kills 99.95 of bacteria and viruses from milk bottles, pacifiers, teethers, tableware and even breast pumps. This UV light sterilizer by the ELVA’s store resolves all your queries when it comes to disinfecting the bottle. This is an easy to use one-touch sterilizer that not only sterilizes baby bottles, pacifiers and teethers, but sterilizes toys also. It sterilizes anything in just 11 minutes such as keys, phones, credit cards, work passes.

Microwave Sterilization

We supply the popular MAM microwave sterilisers in this range as it is renowned for its rapid functionality which accommodates to busy mother schedules. Even the minimum exposure to germs or foreign elements can become dangerous for baby. So, it is important to sterilize all their products that will kill all the germs.